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We've seen all kinds of Chevy Corvette C8s for quite a while now, including the custom ones that carry quite a number of various upgrades (or downgrades if you may). We particularly love a Vette C8 on Vossen wheels, while Hennessey's take on the mid-engine sports car goes beyond what your eyes can see.

This one is another aftermarket example. The owner of this custom C8 is none other than the NBA player Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz and as you can see, it comes in all beige.


Swipe through the embedded post above, which shows a bunch of images of Clarkson's Corvette Convertible from inside and out. Champion Motoring of San Diego, California has done the customization for the Utah cager and apparently, it's a complete wrap job rather than paintwork.

The "Gloss Ivory" wrap includes the door sills and other hidden parts of the vehicle, which makes this extra interesting. And oh, if you haven't noticed, the side vent boomerangs have also been wrapped in Gloss Ivory. In our opinion, it looks great without the accent on the sides, a more cohesive look on the whole design.

However, we're not entirely fans of the beige color. I mean, it's different and definitely not a Corvette you'd see on the road but it kind of made the car look meh.

Another thing that isn't going for this car is its set of thin-spoke wheels. It doesn't look bad but I guess we're really just not fans since the rims take away from the sporty and aggressive styling of the Corvette C8. It's like a bodybuilder who's struggling to hide his bulk under a beige suit and dress shoes.

But hey, this is just one man's opinion. Let us know what you think below.

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