Aston Martin recently announced its five-vehicle Pastel Collection of vibrantly colored, special models. Now, the company is digging into the details by releasing over 120 images that show off what makes these vehicles so unique.

The vehicles are a DBX in Vibrant Coral, Vantage Coupe in Ultraviolet Purple, Vantage Roadster in Cardamom Violet, DB11 V8 Coupe in Butterfly Teal, and DB11 V8 Volante in Clear Water. Aston Martin Newport Beach is selling each of them for prices starting at $195,680, and they're all available to purchase now.

Gallery: Aston Martin Pastel Collection

The Q by Aston Martin personalization division handled the creation of these special vehicles because of a commission by the Aston Martin Newport Beach showroom. The pastel hues on these vehicles take inspiration from the springtime colors around the Southern California coast.

"We chose pastels because of the vibrant colors found in nature along the California coast; the pair of teal and blue DB11s inspired by the clear Southern California skies and cool pacific waters of Crystal Cove; the purple and violet shades on the Vantages reflect the hillside wildflower blooms and the vibrant coral DBX draws from the warm tones present in the cliffs above the ocean during our one-of-a-kind sunsets," General Manager of Aston Martin Newport Beach Jeff West said about these models.

The Q by Aston Martin team also created bespoke cabins for these cars. The special touches include incorporating the pastel colors into the interior. All of them also have a mix of Ivory and Obsidian Black leather upholstery. Decorative stitching adds some extra visual texture.

As part of this deal, Aston Martin Newport Beach gets exclusive access to these colors in North America for 18 months. People who like the pastel shades can special order them on any new Aston Martin from the dealer.

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