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and the Team RTR crew have an explosive new video where they unleash drift-prepped Ford Mustangs and Ultra4 off-road buggies through the Panthera Tactical Training Facility in West Virginia. The site usually specializes in offering combat lessons, so there's an opportunity to create huge fireballs.

Things start off-road with Loren Healy driving his Ultra4 4400 class Ford Bronco against another off-road buggy through a tight trail in a forest. There's no room for error because going away from the path is sure to result in hitting a tree.

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The road eventually opens into a bare field with a twisting dirt course. The drivers ignore the way, though, and make their own path through the grass. There's even an opportunity to catch some air.

Then, it's time for Gittin Jr. and 2020 Formula Drift 2nd place runner-up Chelsea DeNofa to get into their Mustangs. They start by drifting alone but eventually meet up. After demonstrating their car control, Healy returns in the Ultra4 Ford Bronco to up the ante so that the trio can slide together.

"This was a very fun, wild, and slightly terrifying experience! Drifting behind Loren’s Ultra4 Bronco on massive 40-inch Nitto tires with Chelsea on my door was a huge highlight for me," Gittin Jr. said.

With the countdown nearing zero, the anticipation builds. Things culminate with a massive explosion while the Mustangs are drifting and the Bronco flies through the air. A few smaller fireballs punctuate the action.

"Drifting, explosions, jumping and extreme sketchiness is pretty much how I get through my life, so creating this was right up my alley. Got to do a lot of things I have always wanted to do and enjoy it with all my friends," DeNofa said.

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