Camping in style is easy when the price isn’t a factor. Million-dollar motorhomes are mini-mansions on wheels, but those looking for something smaller can still live in luxury. Loef’s latest camper van offers one solution that crams in a ton of high-class features, including a slide-out ceramic grill, minibar, and seating for 10.

Loef can fit all those features inside because it uses the large MAN TGE van platform, one of the longest available, that measures 291 inches (739 centimeters) bumper-to-bumper. That’s a massive amount of floor space that allows the company to include seating for up to 10 people split between two five-person eating areas. One’s located just inside the rear doors, capable of allowing al fresco dining with them open or something more intimate with them closed. The other is at the front, using benches and the swivel cab seats. Both dining areas convert into beds – a master at the back and a two-person children’s bed at the front.

Gallery: Loef Camper Van

You’ll need all that seating because Loef’s camper comes with top-notch cooking appliances. The van features a full indoor range with a four-burner stovetop and oven. But that’s not all, as Loef also offers it with a slide-out Big Green Egg Mini Max ceramic grill, which hides under the rear lounge/sofa area. It comes with a support frame so users can place it elsewhere around the campsite. The camper compliments its cooking prowess with a built-in minibar that can accommodate two bottles of liquor, four tumblers, a bottle opener, and a waiter’s corkscrew. Waiter not included.

The van comes with a wet bath that features an electric flush cassette toilet, an integrated rainfall shelter, and mirrored cabinet. The Loef camper isn’t cheap, though its pricing isn’t outrageous. According to, Loef says the camper will cost between €110,000 and €125,000 ($131,329 to $149,238 at today’s exchange rates).  

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