We've seen oddball LaFerrari test mules before. However, previous sightings featured vehicles wearing a swirled camouflage wrap. Such coverings don't conceal the overall shape, but they can hide smaller details. This time around the body is exposed, and it confirms what we've known for quite a while. Though it looks similar, this isn't a LaFerrari. Under the altered body, this is the LaFerrari's hypercar successor.

The prototype only takes a couple of laps for the camera, and our vantage point is well away from the action at Ferrari's Fiorano track. That's a bit disappointing considering we're privy to an unmasked test mule, but it is still a mule so no, this isn't what the next Prancing Horse will look like. However, even with the distance it's easy to see the extent of the alterations on this LaFerrari body. The lack of distorting camo wrap shows just how much smaller those side vents really are, and the front fascia is far more solid than we realized. The hood also lacks vents, and the rear engine cover is altered.

A significant reduction in vents certainly points to the electrified nature of this car. That's further reinforced with blue triangles on the frunk and rear pillars identifying electrical dangers. And though the camera is some distance away, this particular prototype is curiously silent. With the quad exhaust tips pointed in the camera's direction, we'd expect to hear some engine noise. There's no trouble hearing the other test car on the track – Ferrari's forthcoming V6 hybrid – which further confirms the next-gen Ferrari flagship will be a plug-in hybrid with electric-only capability like the SF90 Stradale.

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Unlike the SF90 Stradale, this new king-of-the-hill Ferrari won't feature a V8 fused with electric motors. In proper Italian fashion, it should wield a V12 and as such it will almost certainly become the most powerful road-going Ferrari of all time.

We are certainly watching Maranello closely for new information, but don't expect to see a reveal anytime soon. 2022 or even early 2023 is a likely timeframe.

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