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When shopping for a Jeep Wrangler, there are my choices you have to make. But the first option you have to choose from is whether you'll get a two-door or the four-door Unlimited trim. It's up to you whether you need the convenience of easy ingress/egress to the rear seats or not, or a way better legroom.

But what if we tell you that there's a Wrangler Unlimited for sale that has infinite legroom? Get a load of this: a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Limousine up for sale on IronPlanet, an Australian car listing site. It's as wild as it gets and yes, we know you want it just by hearing the idea. But first, take a look at the images below.

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Sold? We're not surprised. Located in Missouri right now, this converted Jeep off-roader was stretched by 169 inches or 4.3 meters – way beyond what you can imagine on a Wrangler. It has 160,981 miles on the clock, so we can say that this was driven by its owner quite often.

Under the hood, this Wrangler limo possesses a 4.0-liter 6-cylinder gasoline engine. It's mated to a five-speed manual transmission, sending all the power to all four wheels. And while it's nature as 4x4 can entice you to take this wild conversion to the great outdoors (with probably eight of your buddies), we wouldn't recommend hardcore off-roading for obvious reasons.

The listing's pretty honest with some of its minor defects, like the parking brake not engaging, a little dent on the left rear door, or the torn driver's seat – we're not entirely sure how the latter happened, but it is what it is.

Still interested? As of this writing, you have over 12 days to take this weird yet wild Wrangler conversion home. Head on to the IronPlanet website for more photos and to make an offer. You can also buy the vehicle right away for $75,000.

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