Auto Union's connections to the Nazi party were revealed recently in a historical study commissioned by Audi.

After Daimler, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen told everyone about their Nazi affiliations, Audi is doing the same thing now with a study conducted by the firm's history department head Martin Kukowski and University of Chemnitz historian Rudolf Boch. The study is about Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union, which was co-founded by Dr. Richard Bruhn who had strong connections to the Nazi leadership.

The study findings revealed Auto Union exploited a minimum of 20,000 slave laborers and is "morally responsible" for the death of approximately 4,500 inmates. Audi expressed "shock" at the research and they now plan to provide compensations for victims who are still alive. In addition, they will update publicity materials concerning Bruhn.

In the second source link (in German) below you can find a comprehensive analysis of the study.

Historical study commissioned by Audi shows Auto Union’s Nazi ties