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Few vehicles wear automotive bling like the OG Hummer. The H1 was certainly more purpose-built for extreme off-roading, but the follow-up H2 and H3 were all about accessories. With the moniker returning as a luxury electric pickup under the GMC brand, there's a new potential for all kinds of factory-backed GMC Hummer upfits. Almost 200, to be exact.

As for the nature of those items, we contacted GMC for some specifics but details are still mum. The automaker told the world that "nearly 200 accessories will be available for Hummer EV" when the reborn off-roader debuted back in October 2020, but we suspect most people were distracted by the weird Crab Walk mode or GMC's wild claim of 11,500 pound-feet of torque, which is technically accurate but measured at the wheels instead of the motor shaft. In reality, the GMC Hummer produces approximately the same twist as that of a heavy-duty diesel pickup, which is still impressive but lacks the wow factor of wheel torque.

All that said, going bonkers on factory accessories seems a bit out-of-place for something like the GMC Hummer. Offering a gazillion add-ons for mainstream pickups or off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler makes sense, because automakers sell a gazillion of those models. When the GMC Hummer First Edition goes on sale this fall, it will not be a volume seller with its $113,000 price tag and limited production run. It's also fully loaded from the factory, leaving us to wonder just how many additional accessories buyers might want.

Of course, accessories could be of greater interest to buyers of other Hummer models, but the First Edition follow-up won't arrive until the fall of 2022 and the entry-level $80,000 machine doesn't arrive until 2024. More than a few people have raised eyebrows over GMC's lengthy rollout for its luxury electric off-roader, but still, we've seen how off-road fans love to accessorize their rigs.

And if buyers aren't put off by expensive price tags, spending extra coin for snazzy wheels, bed racks, or camping gear probably isn't a big deal.

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