The coronavirus pandemic has many people working from home, and being stuck inside for the better part of the last year hasn't been easy. Many have opted to hit the road and get back to nature in a bid to find some solace. Camper vans, RVs, and motorhomes have grown in popularity as people have adjusted, though a new concept from Nissan would make working from anywhere almost too easy.

The Nissan Office Pod is more than a workstation – it's a fully mobile van with just enough creature comforts to make a day at the office feel like a quiet vacation. The van – a Nissan NV350 caravan – features an office desk and chair, though it can slide in and out of the back of the van, giving workers an open-air working experience when it's extended. It stows away inside when needed.

Gallery: Nissan Office Pod Concept

On top of the Office Pod is a balcony that's accessible from the interior. Official photos show off a large lounge space, a patio recliner, and a sizable umbrella. The van also features a golf ball-like exterior with a scallop-like pattern along its sides, which sits above the slightly widened fender extensions. The van has a minimalistic aesthetic inside and out, though getting up close to inspect it won't happen anytime soon. Nissan is showing off the new concept at the virtual 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon.

For now, the Office Pod is just a concept, though seeing it enter production wouldn't be surprising. Camper vans and the such continue to be popular, and Nissan's Office Pod is a neat little creation that packages a cool feature in an interesting way. It's easy to imagine the NV350 with the Office Pod set up in the wilderness next to a campfire while you toil away at your workstation that's hanging out the bank. There are worse ways to spend a workday. 

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