The last affordable V8 powered sedan has left Australian shores. Due to growing demand in America for Hemi-powered Chargers, Challengers, and more, as well as supply chain disruption, Chrysler elected to stop selling the 300 SRT sedan in Australia. This ends a decade's long tradition of affordable V8 powered sedans available for Australian customers who will now have to turn to the used market for their V8 fix.

The last couple of years have been tough for Australian V8 enthusiasts who have had to endure the closure of Holden, the end of the Ford Falcon, and now the loss of the Chrysler 300 SRT. It seems the war against affordable V8s is all but over leaving enthusiasts to pick through used car auctions and read about the glory days in old magazines. 

The Chrysler 300 SRT was certainly not the most exciting affordable V8-powered sedan, but at least it was a viable option. Now, due to increased demand from the American Market, Chrysler simply cannot send over these vehicles to Australia. According to Car Advice, “A statement from Chrysler Australia said: ‘The Chrysler 300 SRT ordering has been put on hold due to production constraints. We currently have stock available for customers and will keep customers updated once we have more information."

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Chrysler has agreed to honor its commitment to the delivery of 300 SRT patrol cars to the New South Wales police department, but that hardly helps consumers. Chrysler states that there are still brand new Chrysler 300 SRTs on showroom floors across the country offering customers one last chance to pick up this special sedan.

Although times seem tough for the V8 engine, remember that its story is not over yet. There are thousands of used vehicles that harbor this hallowed engine, which offers savvy customers a viable alternative to the dealer lot.   

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