With up to 4,000 cars being washed every day, the world’s biggest car wash is always busy. Situated in Stuttgart Germany, Mr. Wash is the world’s largest car wash where over 100 employees work to keep the cars of Germany clean. Mr. Wash isn’t your average gas station car wash and employs seasoned professionals alongside the top of the line equipment to give your car the best wash possible.

Many car enthusiasts may scoff at the idea of driving their prized possession to an assembly line car wash, but the level of care and attention to detail exhibited in this massive car wash is enough to draw in thousands of customers every day. Like many other car washes, the goal is to up sell customers to purchase the best care package for their car and at Mr. Wash, the sky is the limit. Customers can choose to have a basic wash or opt for a full interior detail, followed by a hand waxing service.

To keep such a large car wash running requires massive industrial infrastructure. Pumps are used to raise the water pressure from city water alongside recycled water collected from previous washes. The water used to wash cars is run through an onsite water treatment plant and then stored for use during future washes. This helps cut down on water bills while also reducing unwanted chemical runoff.

When running a car wash on this scale, the demands for cleaning agents and energy rise to record highs. Running the heated drying system alone uses 6,000 kWh per day or enough energy to run two average households per year.

A car wash may seem like a simple collection of hoses and automated brushes, but as you’ll find out in this documentary, it takes quite a lot of work to run this impressive facility.  

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