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You've probably had a smoke or two in your car, or maybe that's your normal routine, and rightfully so. If you're a smoker, it's too tempting to have a cigarette while driving, admit or not. That's especially true when you're stuck in traffic – burning and inhaling that stick of tobacco, nicotine, tar, and other unspeakable elements is a therapeutic thing to do, or so we thought.

Apart from your health, however, the main victim when you smoke inside your car is the interior. The ashes and other dirt that might come in while your windows are down will find their way to several crevices, and it's unimaginable what your cabin will turn out to be after a decade of doing so.

Thankfully, The Detail Geek's latest upload, which we embedded on top of this page, was a smoker's vehicle, so you wouldn't need to paint a picture of what would happen.

Of note, this is a 2002 Honda Accord. Based on its condition, this was probably the first time that it got a deep cleaning since it was bought 18 years ago. It's filthy, nasty, and ... I'm actually running out of words to discuss how bad the condition was before it got detailed.

Before you watch the video above, let me drop a warning: hope you've had your meal already as this isn't a pleasant thing to see.

It took The Detail Geek 11 hours to finish the insanely intense , ridding the Accord of all the icky things, inside and out. It wasn't reverted back to its brand-new condition, though, as it already had clear coat damages and some rusting. But in the cabin, we think that the job was impressive, and the owner of the car thought so too at the end of the video.

Now, maybe this video will make you think once or twice before you light up that cig while waiting for the lights to turn green.

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