Half-ton trucks aren't exactly fit for European roads. Even America's best-seller, the Ford F-150, isn't officially available in the Old Continent. But that doesn't mean that nobody's buying them across the pond. In fact, AEC Europe imports Dodge and Ram vehicles to the continent for those who want a bigger rig, and that includes the Ram 1500.

So what do Europeans do with a huge machine? A top speed run, of course, done on the popular unrestricted sections of the German Autobahn. Now, we're jealous.

Uploaded by TopSpeedGermany on YouTube, seen in the video embedded above is a black Ram 1500 Laramie Sport, which we presume to have the Sport Appearance Package. It carries a hefty 5.7-liter Hemi V8, which is the only available option across the Ram truck lineup there, according to AEC Europe's website. This huge mill can produce up to 395 horsepower (295 kilowatts) and 410 pound-feet (556 Newton-meters) of torque.

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The Hemi-powered 1500 doesn't have an official top-speed figure, but we've seen similar top-speed runs where the truck is electronically-limited to 105 miles per hour (169 kilometers per hour). It seems like the 1500's speed limiter has been disengaged in the video as it reaches 122 mph (196 km/h) based on the speedometer.

But if that's not enough, Europeans will have something even more powerful this month. AEC Europe announced back in August that the 2021 Ram TRX is officially coming to Europe, which packs a bigger supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that makes 702 hp (523 kW) and 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) of torque.

The Ram 1500 TRX (seen in the gallery above) will come at a price, though. In the U.S., the supercharged truck sells for $69,995 without a destination charge. It could go up to $100,835 or around 84,000 euros with the current exchange rates.

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