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The Ford Bronco doesn't go on sale until the spring of 2021, but that isn't stopping the automaker from going full-speed-ahead on testing for its Raptor-esque high-performance version. Now believed to be called the Warthog, two new videos from Bronco6G catch a prototype exercising various off-road features at Michigan's famous Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

The first video featured at the top of the article claims to show the beefy Bronco trying out different GOAT modes. By now, you probably know that GOAT stands for Goes Over Any Terrain, and in this case, that terrain is sand. It's not clear which modes are being used, though Sand is one of the specialty settings so presumably, it's used at some point. Five modes are standard issue for the Base trim, though some models will get extra modes such as Rock Crawl and Baja mode. We'll assume the Warthog at least offers Baja mode since its mission will be to fly over obstacles instead of crawling across them.

The second video (directly above) reportedly shows Trail Turn Assist in action. As the name suggests, it allows the Bronco to execute a tight turn by locking up the inside rear wheel. The effect is similar to dabbing the handbrake on a car, though with Trail Turn Assist the outside rear wheel keeps spinning. As such, the Bronco pivots around the locked rear wheel for a tight turn. Apparently, that feature will be available on the Warthog, and this video captures testing at different speeds. When activated, it should only work at slow speeds – the video appears to show it functioning on the first turn, but not on subsequent turns.

We still don't know when this high-speed off-roader will be revealed. Ford officially teased the Bronco Warthog getting some impressive air, and in a subsequent teaser its big 37-inch tires were revealed. The Warthog name still isn't officially confirmed – it's possible Ford could still call this a Bronco Raptor. However, allegedly leaked info and subtle hints from Ford lead us to believe Warthog is indeed the name. In any case, we doubt it will arrive before the end of 2020.

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