We are 99 percent sure this is what the next Jeep Grand Cherokee will look like. 99 percent sure? That's a bold claim, but hopefully, we've built up credibility among readers to inspire a bit of confidence in such statements. Yes, we think our new exclusive renderings are pretty much spot-on for the next-gen Jeep, thanks in part to some fresh information that recently came our way. Here's how it all comes together.

For starters, we have some decent spy photos to work from, both on the outside and inside. In these instances, coverings have been pulled aside to give us a deeper look, and we relied on these exterior shots to create an early set of 2022 Grand Cherokee renderings towards the end of August. Admittedly, we still had some vague details to fill in for those designs, which is why we said the production version could look like the renderings. Since then we've seen the Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept, which gave us additional clues on Jeep's design direction.

Gallery: 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Exclusive Renderings

More importantly, we've recently been in contact with some trusted sources who offered up new information on the forthcoming SUV. The info painted a very clear picture for us, which leads to the renderings we have above so yes, we stand behind our 99-percent claim on these designs.

As you can see, the new Grand Cherokee bears a strong resemblance upfront to the Grand Wagoneer concept. The corner vents in the fascia are smaller, but they will wear the horizontal LED driving lamp at the top. Furthermore, the grille won't dip into the lower fascia as previously predicted. Narrow taillights wrap around high on the Grand Cherokee's backside but don't stretch across the hatch as the concept does. The lower fascia, however, will be remarkably similar to the Grand Wagoneer. Trapezoid exhaust outlets are prominent as well.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Rendering
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Spied

Moving inside, spy photos already gave us a very good look at the new, upscale greenhouse. Our rendering artist used these photos along with info from our sources to fashion this rendering complete with wood trim on the dash and door panels. All things considered, the next Grand Cherokee should offer a very posh environment for soaking up the miles.

What about the remaining one percent of uncertainty? Failure is always an option and since these renderings are unofficial, we can't call them the real deal with absolute certainty. However, we suspect Jeep will go official with the next Grand Cherokee by the end of this year or early next year. At that point, we'll see if our claims are vindicated.

If they aren't, we're prepared to eat as much crow as our readers can conjure up.

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