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With just 40 examples in the world and a price tag of €5 million ($5.9 million at current exchange rates), it's easy to understand why an owner of a Bugatti Divo would invest in extra protection for the hypercar's body. In this video, the detailing specialists at Topaz Detailing get ahold of one and highlight the process of applying the film to guard against rock chips and scratches.

While we are familiar with the installation of paint protection film from lots of other videos, the process for the Divo is particularly interesting. The car has a very complicated shape with lots of tiny pieces of bodywork that reach require individual attention. Plus, there aren't very many flat panels across the entire body. This means that the folks at Topaz Detailing have to pay intricate attention to not only installing the covering but also getting out all of the air bubbles.

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Watching the process in this video makes you respect the talent of these installers. Anyone who has tried to install decals onto a model car (or even the real thing) knows that getting them to lie flat and to be in exactly the right position can be a nerve-racking process.

The Divo gets a thorough cleaning before the handover to the customer. The paint protection film is invisible at this point. This should mean that the owner can feel more secure when taking the rare Bugatti out for a drive.

As a refresher, the Divo shares the Chiron's W16 engine. The engineers put an emphasis on making aerodynamic changes to increase downforce significantly. The team also manages to reduce the vehicle's weight by 77 pounds (35 kilograms). The tweaks let the hypercar lap the Nardo test track eight seconds quicker than the Chiron. It's the most expensive car in the world right now, which is why we included it on our list of coolest cars for sale.

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