Odds are, you'll never see a Bugatti Divo in public. Only 40 of the incredible supercars are slated for production, but when your name is Supercar Blondie, the odds of seeing such a machine in real life are dramatically higher.

The result is this deep-dive video that includes all kinds of interesting factoids on the $6 million hypercar. Actually, one of those factoids is that Divo values are now around $8 million because of their rarity. It's also not a car that buyers with gobs of cash can simply buy – before Bugatti will even talk about a Divo purchase, buyers must already have a Chiron in the garage. Furthermore, the video cites Bugatti as saying the average Divo buyer already has a collection of at least 40 cars. In other words, there's nothing average about folks who qualify for Divo ownership.

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For the lucky ones, what do they get in the Divo? Yes, we know it's really a reskinned Chiron, but the changes are extensive. For instance, the headlights aren't Chiron lenses fitted into flared fenders. The boomerang lights are Divo exclusive, as are the crazy-complex taillights that actually consist of numerous fins to create a 3D effect. We know the big center fin stretching to the back is there to improve airflow, but did you know all exterior pieces painted blue on this Divo serve a specific aerodynamic function? Yes, that includes the Divo's body kit. as well as that central spine.

While we're at the back, let's check out the Divo's quad exhaust finishers. They certainly are a defining feature, but there are actually six pipes exiting the rear. A subtle pair of turn-down pipes are positioned at the corners on the fascia, spaced out because six pipes in a row would be too loud and too hot. The two corner pipes also improve downforce, and with its complex aero redux, the Divo is all about downforce.

During the test drive, we're reminded just how remarkable this hypercar really is. Despite 1,500 horsepower from its massive W16 engine, it's perfectly happy to gently trot around town. In fact, it's so good that even a mitten-wearing Bernie Sanders is caught admiring the big Bugatti. Seriously, see if you can spot his brief appearance in this fun video. While you're at it, revel in all the Divo details shown here, as this could be the closest look you'll ever get.

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