Going off-grid for a nature-approved vacation is something pretty much every person in the world can enjoy. Some like to rough it with bare essentials, while others pile into a ginormous motorhome. Sure, it’s nice to have all the amenities of home when you’re in the middle of nowhere, but there are drawbacks to where you can go with a vehicle or trailer that’s literally the size of a house.

Mobi proposes a solution that satisfies both worlds with a small trailer called the Mobi X. At a glance, it looks like most small teardrop-style camping trailers. Its hull is fiberglass and utilizes a steel frame with a single-axle setup for support. It weighs 1,676 pounds (760 kilograms) and it rides on 16-inch all-terrain tires, giving the Mobi X some legit off-road capability.

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Once you arrive, however, the Mobi X undergoes an impressive transformation. It features both a slide-out front section and a fold-down side that incorporates a full exterior kitchen with built-in burners, a sink, and Mobi even stocks the cabinets with dishes and cookware as standard equipment. Also standard are a room tent and canvas fold-out bathroom that’s equipped with an outdoor shower and portable toilet. With space for two people inside the trailer and two in the room tent, the Mobi X is a full-service camper for four people. That is, in standard trim.

The sleeping arrangements increase to six with the optional rooftop tent. A 270-degree exterior awning is also optional, as are a variety of different refrigerators. Regardless of the equipment, the Mobi X incorporates a hot-water heater and 40 gallons of water storage. Power comes from a 105-Ah deep-cycle battery that includes a 15-amp charging system. It’s packed with storage for camping equipment, and it comes with lots of cool gear that even includes a shovel stowed neatly on the exterior.

Based in Australia, this is Mobi’s second camper trailer, slotting behind the considerably larger Mobi Nomad. Pricing for the trailer starts at $29,000 AUD, which translates to approximately $21,260 in U.S. currency.

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