Bliss Mobil builds camping modules for a variety of trucks, and the Dutch company just revealed it’s newest one. It’s an update to the company’s 11-foot offering with new tech, lightweight construction, and a pop-top lifting roof that increases headroom without sacrificing the modules’ compact size. And the company is showing it off on a 435-series Unimog U1300 that’ll soon go to a customer.

The module can fit on a variety of vehicles, but the utilitarian pairing from Bliss does look exquisite. The most significant update is the switch from a steel frame to an aluminum one, keeping weight down to about 3,525 pounds (1,600 kilograms). However, the interior is the real draw because it’s a smart-home on wheels with a ton of tech packed inside.

Gallery: Bliss Mobil 11-Foot Lifting Top Camper

There’s connected smartphone functionality and a Garmin Overlander 7.0-inch touchscreen navigation system that’s packed with useful information for campers, which can be moved from the living area to the cab. The connectivity allows for remote control and monitoring of the lighting, climate, and water. Bliss pairs the electric controls with physical backups, while sensors and actuators monitor and protect the vehicle. It comes packed with three different heating systems, too.

Inside, the camper sleeps four, positioning a lift-away bed over the dinette, which converts into the second sleeping area. A small kitchen next to the dining area features a dual-burner induction stovetop, a fridge, and a sink. There’s also a wet bath with a shower and toilet.

The camper’s height towers at 10 feet (3,000 millimeters), but it can extend another 1.6 feet (500 mm), increasing headroom to 6.5 feet (2,000 mm). The entire rig – Unimog and camper – weighs under 7.5 tons. The Bliss Mobil starts at €180,000 ($220,000 at today’s exchange rate), according to New Atlas. The company ships its modules worldwide.

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