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There have been some great looks at the 2021 Ford Bronco today like seeing it attempt the Rubicon Trail and showing off the Trail Turn Assist cornering feature. Now, there's an opportunity to see the aftermath of a hard day of rock crawling. These photos were originally on the Bronco6G forum, and received permission to republish them.

These SUVs left the trail showing some cosmetic damage. There are dents and scrapes all over the body. Of the three Broncos visible in these pictures, the one closest to the camera appears to have its front bumper end caps off. On the other two, there's visible damage to the section.

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One shot offers a great view of the skid plate, and the piece has lots of scrapes. This is a good thing, though. There are no holes in the panel, so we have to assume there's no damage to the vital mechanical parts that it's protecting.

This torture test raises the question of what Ford might do with the information. Since the Bronco doesn't go on sale until spring 2021, there might still be time to tweak some of the components. Or the company could be figuring what kind of tougher off-road components later.

It's also worth noting that many Bronco buyers are never going to take their new SUV on a course as challenging as the Rubicon Trail. If Ford's engineers can ensure that the vehicle performs there, then lesser off-road tasks should be even easier.

Ford is already experiencing high demand for the new Bronco by tallying 230,000 reservations and counting. Assuming all of these folks convert it to an actual purchase, then it would take around  18 months to fulfill all the requests.

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