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If you’re a savvy designer with a taste for automotive art, creating mid-engined masterpieces from existing front-engined cars is currently the cool thing to do. That’s what we have in this stunning  Chevrolet Corvair rendering from Abimele Design, but there’s one major difference. The classic Corvair didn’t have its engine in the front. Rather, it was at the back – as in the very back.

Built from 1960 through 1969, today the Corvair has devoted following that appreciates the car’s elegant styling and lively rear-engine handling. The only enduring complaint among enthusiasts is a lack of power from its flat-six engine, but that issue is solved – at least digitally – with the blue beast featured here. It’s called the Corv8 and the reason why should be obvious. Instead of a six-cylinder mounted behind the rear wheels, a 6.2-liter LT2 V8 from the C8 Corvette is mounted in front.


Sadly, this digital transformation means the four-seat Corvair becomes a two-seater, but there’s no denying this second-generation model looks flipping awesome. As per usual with renderings from Abimele Design, the detail work is extraordinary. The car is modeled from multiple viewpoints, and that includes an outstanding cutaway rendering showing just how the engine fits in the car – from the transaxle and exhaust to the carbon fiber air intakes mounted in the quarter glass. It straight-up looks like a real car, and we really want to drive it.

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The 490-horsepower (365-kilowatt) V8 would be a tremendous upgrade from the 140-hp (104-kW) air-cooled flat-six, and moving the engine forward would give the Corvair better weight distribution. The package would also add considerable weight, but such a prolific infusion of power should more than compensate. And lest you think such a thing isn’t possible, there have been a few Corvair V8 swaps over the years that utilize a similar design.

That only leaves us with one question. Who’s going to take up this challenge and bring the Corv8 to life?

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