The 1980s are back with a vengeance with corporations eager to tug at those nostalgic heartstrings. However, for everything great that came out of the 1980s, the selection of automobiles was far different than they are today. High-powered performance models of otherwise ho-hum people movers of various sizes weren't a thing. But what if they were? Abimelec Design decided to take the Jeep Grande Cherokee Trackhawk back in time and recreate it in late-1980s glory as the 1989 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk.

Based on the Jeep Cherokee of the era, the new Cherokee Trackhawk has all the fixings you'd expect from the 1980s. Retro-style wheels paired with stereotypical automotive graphics from the period with big block letters in a burnt yellow-orange color that scream Trackhawk down the side of the SUV. One mockup even has the wheels in black.

The suspension is lowered, making it longer than it does stock. According to an advertisement mockup, complete with period-looking fonts, logos, and adspeak, the 1989 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk is capable of a 13.5-second run through the quarter-mile thanks to its 360-cubic-inch engine. The asking price? It's $39,999, which is about $83,400 today, with a big old asterisk likely hiding fees and other charges. Quad exhaust, a Trackhawk bird badge, and the Trackhawk name mimicking the side graphic appear at the rear. It completes the look. 

Gallery: 1989 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk

The mockups are great and give us a peek at what a possible high-performance Jeep Cherokee could've looked liked 30 years ago. Everything about the series of photos, from the color-matched bumpers to graphics are spot-on. There could be a business case for taking new models, giving them a retro reimagining and selling them as toys. There's a market for everything out there, and the toy shelf could use a few new automotive additions.

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