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If you're in the market for a 2021 BMW M8 Coupe or Convertible and want to customize it to your exact specifications, then there's some bad news. BMW of North America is not currently accepting new orders for these vehicles. The 2021 M8 Gran Coupe is not affected by this decision, so you don't mind having two extra doors, that's still an option.

BMW Blog first reported this story and found out that dealers have "a decent amount" of M8 Coupe and Convertibles in their inventory. As long as you don't mind the inability to specify every last detail of your order, then it's possible to get one of these grand tourers. reached out to BMW for more details. "Due to the ongoing global pandemic, BMW of North America will not bring any additional BMW M8 Coupe or Convertible inventory to the US market at this time," BMW Product & Technology Spokesperson Oleg Satanovsky told us. "Customers who are interested in purchasing a BMW M8 Coupe or Convertible are encouraged to contact their local dealer to discuss vehicle availability. Model Year 2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe remains available for customer orders."

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Satanovsky said the company "cannot comment on inventory or when ordering may open up again."

As of March 2020, BMW was reportedly struggling to sell the 8 Series in the US. At that time, there were allegedly more than 2,000 unsold examples, and more than 700 of those were "Priority 5," meaning the dealer didn't want the vehicle and hoped another showroom would take it. Customers were showing a higher demand for the three-row X7 crossover rather than the grand touring coupe.

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