The Hyundai Venue is an entry-level choice if you want to enter the crossover/SUV craze. It has a starting price of $17,250 and ceilings at $23,270, making it an attractive proposition to those looking for a bit of ride height but don't want a massive car. It's relatively tiny, even smaller than the Kona and stands as the smallest crossover in the Hyundai vehicle lineup.

One of its selling points is its funky styling that appeals to a younger set of car buyers. The squarish retro design cues, contrasting colors, and grid grille make the Venue stand out within Hyundai's crossover range.

Gallery: Hyundai Venue Flux

In South Korea, however, Hyundai gives the Venue a new trim level that stands out even further from the rest of the lineup. Called the Venue Flux, the new variant debuts a hot-stamped front grille that begs to differ from the normal Venues. With the hot-stamping process involved, the new grille features an intricate design that's reminiscent of more luxurious brands.

The new Venue Flux's fascia, however, kind of aligns the quirky crossover from the rest of Hyundais. From its funky styling, the added intricacy of the new grille exhumes class, but that doesn't mean playful color options are taken out of the picture.

Of note, the Venue Flux pictured in Hyundai South Korea's website carries the acid yellow/gray color combination. If it looks familiar, that's because it's similar to the one we drove back in Australia last year. So yes, acid yellow (green) accents plus rocker body panels and other highlights that make this Venue stand out, inside and out.

The updates in the new Venue Flux are purely aesthetic, though, so expect the 1.6L engine powering the crossover.

For now, the Hyundai Venue Flux is only available in South Korea. There hasn't been any information about its future availability in the U.S.

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