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The Porsche 911 isn't exactly the first vehicle you'll turn to if you want a safari-themed adventure machine. The nameplate has been an icon as a road-going vehicle, revered for its balance, power, and driving manners. Porsche's flagship isn't made for the roads less traveled, but one tuner from Wisconsin begs to differ.

Kelly-Moss Road and Race (KMR) has built a reputation in customizing Porsche 911 for racing. However, the company isn't limiting itself to the tarmac – among its products are safari-spec 911s that could change the way you look at the legendary name.

Gallery: Safari-Spec Porsche 911 by Kelly-Moss Road and Race

Hoonigan Autofocus, of course, didn't waste time and featured KMR's creations on a video (embedded on top). If the cars you're seeing here looks familiar, that's because we've featured them before. The grey one is the bonkers 911 overlander that's built strong enough to carry another 911 on its roof. With the help of a custom-fabricated cage, this classic 1984 911 Carrera has been rebuilt to withstand safari adventures, regardless of the climate.

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The other grey 911, the 991-series one, is subtly updated but it's hiding a trick hybrid system within, courtesy of Vonnen. The hybrid system adds 150 horsepower to the 911 Turbo S, which, along with the safari-spec upgrades, could make this Porsche take on any terrain.

The bulk of details about these builds will fill this article to the brim, so make sure to check them all out on

As for the action itself, watch the video prepared by Hoonigan Autofocus and see how these Porsches have some dirty, white fun on a frozen lake. Next time someone asks you if 911s can go off-road, you know what to say.

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