Although the Ford Focus RS has recently seen its demise, it doesn’t take away the fact that it is still a very capable automobile. Even in stock trim, the hot hatch carries itself nicely on and off road. YouTuber AutoTopNL featured a lightly tuned example of the hot hatch in their latest video. 

The upgraded Focus RS boasts 440 horsepower (328 kilowatts) over the standard 350 hp (260 kW). Engine modifications aren’t covered in the video but we’d like to think the Focus has been fitted with a bigger turbo and non-factory exhaust. Upon further inspection, the exhaust system has bigger exits at the rear which feature a purple titanium finish on the tips.

Gallery: Tuned Ford Focus RS

At the beginning of the video, we are treated to a cold-start sound check of the RS. The uprated exhaust system gives the vehicle a very nice throaty sound. We’d even venture to say it sounds like a full-blown rallycross car in the lower rev range. The combination of the low-pitched turbo whistle and deep throaty engine note gives this car a very unique yet satisfying soundtrack.

Apart from its exhaust noise, this tuned Focus RS is fast. In an acceleration test on a derestricted stretch of Autobahn, it completed a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint in just 4.9 seconds. In the same hardcore acceleration test, the fast Ford completed the quarter-mile in just 12.3 seconds. While all-wheel-drive appeared to stop any dramas off the line, the tuned Ford was surprisingly tardy to 60 compared to the factory car. Video evidence shows the RS bogging a bit off the line which isn’t great for setting optimal acceleration numbers. That said, the quarter-mile result shows the true grunt of this vehicle after getting off the line.

While Ford is turning its attention to the Fiesta in Europe, the spirit of the Focus still remains. With more concentration on the smaller hatchback, we are excited to see what the famed automaker comes up with for future Fiesta models.

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