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Our spies caught on camera a prototype of the facelifted Volkswagen Scirocco undergoing testing.

Although reports were indicating the fourth generation of the Scirocco will come out sometime in 2015, Volkswagen is apparently working on a modest facelift for the current model. The lightly revised third-gen Scirocco will be revealed before the end of the year, prior to going on sale early next spring.

This prototype was spied testing in southwest United States hiding its front fascia which will have redesigned headlights, a new grille and reshaped bumper. The back of the car looks virtually the same, while the interior cabin is set to receive a minor makeover.

Seeing a facelifted Scirocco testing probably means its successor it's still a couple of years away, even though the current generation has been on sale since 2008. However, taking into account the car was spied in United States (current-gen not available there), we could be looking at a mule of the next-gen model which has some chances of reaching stateside since Volkswagen of America's Manager of Product and Technology Mark Gillies recently declared the company is "open to looking at future versions for this market" .

He also said the current Scirocco is "not engineered for this market; it never was" so there are slim chances of seing a facelifted current-gen Sicorcco in United States. It's hard to believe Volkswagen is testing a facelifted Sicrocco in a country where they aren't going to sell the car.

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