The aftermarket scene in the U.S. alone is enough to overwhelm even the most hardcore auto enthusiast. But there’s an entire world out there of tuning shops, builders, and weekend warriors tuning, modifying, and creating new and exciting things. One such shop is P.S. Modify in Thailand, a custom car shop that turns ho-hum sports cars from decades ago into stylish supercar replicas that are more than just a simple body kit.

The video begins with a lookalike Lamborghini Veneno that’s based on a Toyota MR2. For $36,000 – and a Toyota MR2 – customers get a full custom body kit, engine modifications, an interior redesign, trick doors, and more. It’s a complete package that does more than just tack on a body kit. The video doesn’t get into specifics about the various upgrades. However, we do learn some cars in the shop ride on an air suspension while other various non-replica projects are visible in the video’s background.

Replica Lamborghinis isn’t the shop’s only supercar of choice. There are at least two replica Ferraris – one based on a Toyota MR2 and another with a Honda Prelude as the base car – a Porsche Carrera GT, and a McLaren, which is the shop’s latest endeavor. Much of the shop’s creations are built by hand, too.

Gallery: Replica Supercars By P.S. Modify

It’s easy to criticize replicas, especially those mimicking the styling of far more expensive supercars, but the creations from P.S. Modify appear to take the idea of a replica car to the next level, offering engine upgrades, redesigned interiors, and more, giving each replica a unique look and feel inside and out. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but car culture is different all around the world, each with their own vehicular personalities.

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