Before we dive into this bizarre creation presented before you, some full disclosure is in order. We don’t know nearly enough about this 2008 Ford van truck E-450 as we’d like to. It’s for sale on Facebook Marketplace – yes, you can buy it – with the listing saying it’s in Florida. It’s done 231,000 miles; it’s had a bevy of maintenance performed on the stock 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel in the last 40,000 miles, and if you have $10,350 you can take it home. That’s pretty much the whole enchilada.

What we really want to know is the backstory on how this van-turned-truck came to life. Building such a vehicle like this actually isn't complicated, since the old E-Series was always available in larger sizes like this as a chassis-cab. These trusty old workhorses served as the basis for small buses all around North America, not to mention other upfits like motorhomes, moving vans, and perhaps our favorite, ice cream trucks. One might say an E-450 chassis cab is literally a foundation for creating a custom vehicle.

Ford E-450 Custom Truck Conversion
Ford E-450 Custom Truck Conversion

Photo Credit: Kirk Becker / Facebook Marketplace

This one is different, however. While all those previously mentioned incarnations have a decidedly commercial function, this seems like a personal build for someone wanting a pickup truck while not really wanting a pickup truck. The bed appears period-correct for a Ford Super Duty dually, though the diamond plate bumper isn’t factory by any means.

In front of the bed is a period correct and stock-appearing E-Series van, save for the sliding rear window. Granted, this probably didn’t take much effort to create, but still, if you’re building a Ford van-truck, wouldn’t you want to make it stand out a bit more?

Perhaps the stock appearance is part of the appeal here. From the white/gray two-tone exterior to the polished wheels and big side mirrors, this rig looks as factory-normal as they come. Of course, it's not factory normal, which is why we’re so interested in learning not just how, but why this E-450 pickup came into existence.

Maybe we’ll just have to buy it and find out. 

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