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You might be tempted to say these are nothing but photoshopped images but these custom DeLoreans actually exist.

About 9,000 cars were ever made and back in 2007 only 6,500 were believed to still be on the roads. Since then, most likely the number has decreased so anyone who has a DMC-12 should feel pretty proud. Rich Weissensel is not an ordinary DeLorean owner as he has several cars in his collection which have been thoroughly modified.

Aside from the standard model with its gullwing doors, fiberglass underbody and stainless steel panels, Weissensel also has a custom DMC-12 which he transformed into a monster truck. In addition, his collection also includes a six-door limousine, a convertible and a hovercraft.

A sequel to the Back to the Future franchise featuring any of these cars would be pretty interesting to see. However, movie director Robert Zemeckis denied rumors of a fourth movie by saying "I don't think there should ever be a fourth sequel to anything. Three is a dramatic number. It's a three-act structure... Four is boring."

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