Originally announced back in May, the one-of-one Red Phantom meticulously crafted by Rolls-Royce has been finally revealed to celebrate 115 years of Goodwood tradition for building the ultimate luxury cars. The stately sedan has been commissioned for a noble cause as the proceeds above the cost of the vehicle will be directed to benefit RED’s battle to end AIDS.

Every Rolls-Royce is unique, but this particular Phantom takes it to a whole new level by featuring tiny particles of crystal in the final layers of the Magma Red bespoke color. There are no fewer than five layers of paint, with each and every one being hand-polished for more than five hours to ensure a perfect finish.

Gallery: Rolls-Royce Red Phantom

Inside, the “expertly selected” wood veneers are also finished by hand and boast six coats of lacquer to guarantee the best look possible. There’s no such thing a cost-cutting when it comes to any Rolls-Royce model, therefore we’re not surprised this unique Phantom makes use of nine different hides of leather finished in a combination of Arctic White with Mugello Red accents.

The Phantom’s fancy Starlight Headliner adopts a Mugello Red theme with a whopping 1,600 fiber optic wires all over the length of the vehicle’s long ceiling. It also has a previously unseen feature on a car carrying the Spirit of Ecstasy, with a single-piece glass fascia across the instrument panel containing “The Gallery.” It’s made out of Mugello Red leather on what RR refers to as a “clean room environment” to lend the lavish cabin a truly unique look.

Rolls-Royce will showcase the Red Phantom on December 4 at the One Thousand Museum in Miami to signal the start of an online-only auction organized by RM Sotheby’s and set to end on December 13.

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