The world premiere Mazda has scheduled for the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is widely regarded as the company’s very first EV, but that’s actually not correct. Back in 2012, the Demio (Mazda2 in Japan) spawned a fully electric version, but it was only available for lease and just 100 cars were produced to cater mainly to local governments and corporate clients in the region where the company has its headquarters.

Fast forward to the present day, Mazda is about to unveil its first mass-produced EV, but not before a few teasers to build up the suspense until the October 23 big debut. The 15-second released today allows us to take a peek inside the cabin where the zero-emissions model from the Zoom-Zoom company will make use of sustainable materials.

Gallery: Mazda EV teasers

More revealing is the end of the video where the lower section of the center console makes a brief appearance to reveal the design of the gear lever for the automatic transmission. Also visible is the rotary knob to control the infotainment system, along with quite possibly the volume knob in the same vein as other recent products from Mazda.

While the prototype (see below) revealed earlier this year borrowed the CX-30’s crossover body, the production-ready Mazda EV will have an entirely different skin once it will go on sale later in 2020. Codenamed “e-TPV” for “Electric Technology Prove-Out Vehicle,” the prototype had an electric motor rated at 141 horsepower (105 kilowatts) and an instant torque of 265 Newton-meters (195 pound-feet). The necessary energy juice came from a 35.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack providing an undisclosed amount of range.

What many people probably won’t like is going to be the artificial sound that will be pumped through the audio system’s speakers to mimic the noise you hear in a car powered by a four-cylinder combustion engine.

We’ll learn more in a little over a week when Mazda will take the wraps off its first widely available EV at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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Interior Design: “Enveloped in Openness”

The new battery EV (that Mazda will premiere at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show) has been designed to give occupants a feeling of being “enveloped in openness”. The goal was to make spending time in the car a comforting experience that allows customers to be themselves.

The spatial configuration evokes a sense of openness through empty spaces around the center console that create a connection between the driver and passenger seat areas. Interior materials in various parts of the cabin were selected in consideration of comfort and eco-friendliness, contributing to the comfortable feel of the cabin.

With the latest design and technologies, customers will feel a sense of connection from the moment they open the door and spending time with the car will help them feel freer and more themselves.

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