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Volkswagen is on a mission. The German company introduced the “goTOzero” strategy at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, which aims for the entire Volkswagen Group to demonstrate a CO2-neutral balance by 2050. The first two steps of this ambitious plan include the rebranding of the manufacturer globally and the launch of its first all-electric mass production model. The ID.3 kicked off a new era of “environmentally friendly mobility” and Volkswagen is already considering additions to its lineup.

Speaking to AutoExpress in Frankfurt, Christine Leuderalbert, VW’s electric mobility product marketing specialist, confirmed company executives are discussing the idea for a sportier ID.3 R version with improved performance and more power. Whether the project will see the light of day remains unclear at the moment but chances seem good for now.

“We’re actively considering it, but we need to do some work on how an electric car can also be a performance car,” Leuderalbert told our British colleagues near the Main River. “We know electric vehicles have excellent acceleration, but we need to look at how the rest of the package would affect the car’s efficiency.”

More positivism about a future performance ID.3 comes from Jurgen Stackmann, the automaker’s Member of the Board of Management for sales and marketing. He told AutoExpress that “if there is a future for R, it must be electric,” which almost sounds like a plan already. The only problem, however, is the fact that electric mobility and performance cars don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

“It’s very simple. We’re really thinking what to do with these cars, because if you’re on the way to zero emissions it’s hard to imagine that you load the world with more powerful cars,” Stackmann added. “We need to define what is R in the electric world; it’s different to what we know of in a Golf or any other car.”

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