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The electric Ford F-150 will possibly debut in 2021, according to a new report from Automotive News Canada. The truck will allegedly be the Blue Ovals followup EV to launching its upcoming electric crossover with Mustang-tinged styling. Two more crossover EVs will fill out the lineup by the end of 2022, Automotive News Canada indicates.

Gallery: Ford F-150 EV prototype towing

Ford officially confirmed plans to build a fully electric F-150 at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, in addition to offering a hybrid version of the best-selling truck. Spy shots have also shown a test mule under development in Michigan. It looked mostly the same as the existing truck, except for a place to plug in and a slightly higher ride height for fitting the batteries underneath the cab. These vehicles are allegedly very early prototypes, though.

The biggest hint about the electric F-150's future came in July when the company released a video of the truck towing over one million cars of train cars. The company refused to offer details about what powered the pickup, though. 

Gallery: Ford F-150 EV Spy Shots

Still, the stunt was apparently a success. Automotive News Canada cites internal Ford metrics that interest in the idea of an electric pickup jumped to 18 percent among respondents to an internal survey. Before seeing the F-150 EV haul the heavy load, the figure was just 10 percent of folks taking the survey having an interest in the EV truck.

An updated F-150 is reportedly coming for the 2021 model year, and the EV variant would likely wear its revised styling. So far, spy shots of test mules don't tell us much about how the truck looks. However, early indications suggest the popular pickup could have an infotainment screen as large as 12 inches or maybe even bigger. A new 4.8-liter V8 with 420 horsepower (313 kilowatts) might also join the range to replace the existing 5.0-liter V8.

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