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The Porsche 993, the internal designation for the last 911 generation with an air-cooled engine, is probably among the most valuable and most desirable versions of the iconic sports car. Its demise marked the end of an era – when sports cars were meant to be driven with passion and pride. It's the purists' holy grail, so to speak. 

And we're just talking about the normal 993s. It's a different story if we're to look at the 993 Speedster. The unofficial 993 body type wasn't really offered by Porsche, except for a chosen few: Ferdinand Alexander Porsche himself on his 60th birthday in 1995, while the other one was for the American TV star Jerry Seinfeld in 1998.

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As such, we can only just imagine the cost of the 993 Speedster's parts, which should be good as extinct considering the population of the actual cars.

John Sarkisyan just reinforced that hypothesis of costly 993 Speedster parts. He built his own 993 Speedster from a 993 Cabriolet – a not-so-far-fetched job for this guy considering that he has built a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing before on top of a Mercedes SLK. This guy was so good in restoration and modification, his Gullwing creation made it to our top 10 restomods of SEMA 2018.

Now, what about the Speedster parts? Well, according to Sarkisyan, he had to order the 993 Speedster windshield from Porsche in order to finish his creation. Because of the part's rarity, the windshield itself costs around $50,000 by his rough estimate. 

The costly modification doesn't stop there. Since the 993 Cabriolet and Speedster are practically different cars when it comes to their windshields (hence, the distinction), Sarkisyan said that $20,000 worth of labor was employed in order to fit the 993 Speedster's windshield into the convertible.

Waste of money? We don't think so. Watch the video on top of this page to see Sarkisyan's 993 Speedster in action.

Source: Hoonigan AutoFocus via Youtube | Hoonigan

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