Approximately a week ago, comedian and actor Tracy Morgan got involved in a light accident with his recently purchased used Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport. About an hour after he took delivery of his new $2-million pre-owned toy from a dealership in Manhattan, he was hit by a distracted Honda CR-V driver who attempted to make a right turn from the left lane while on the phone. Amateur photos and videos from the accident revealed the damage to the Bugatti is only minor but a new report claims it will cost the funnyman a fortune.

According to TheBlast, quoting “sources familiar with the situation,” despite the minimal damage on the front bumper and front left fender of the French supercar, the net worth of the Bugatti will instantly drop by at least $200,000 due to the accident report on the vehicle’s Carfax history. How can such a minor accident be added to the Veyron’s history? Our source reports that’s due to the fact that Tracey was treated by an ambulance right after the accident, even though he did not receive any actual healing.

As far as the repair bill is concerned, TheBlast reports that, if the CR-V driver is found guilty for the crash, her insurance will cover a small portion of the damage because the value of the Bugatti is way above the limits of most commercial insurance plans. “Industry sources” claim the comedian may need to spend upwards of $50,000 from his own budget mostly because the Veyron must be fixed at an authorized Bugatti dealer and not by just any regular bodyshop.

TheBlast also reports Morgan spent significantly more for his Veyron compared to what other customers paid for the supercar. Basically, this means he will most likely be facing a bigger depreciation compared to other Bugatti owners and when you add the accident report on the vehicle’s Carfax history, things are starting to look extremely costly for the comedian.

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