Old VW buses are hot items. The really old rides – like first-generation T1 23-window Sambas – are now selling for six-figure prices in mint shape. Even the newer classic-style buses are super desirable, and this custom-modified 1978 Kombi mini-motorhome is one of the coolest we’ve seen. The best part? It’s for sale and frankly, the asking price of $16,500 seen pretty reasonable. If you're keen to pick this up in the States, however, you'll need to set aside a bit more coin for shipping. It's currently exploring South America from São Paulo, Brazil.

This find comes to us from Louis-Maxence Leclère on Facebook, and clicking the link you'll find a post full of details on what all this VeeDub has to offer. The seller mentions an extensive laundry list of repairs and updates, including a vehicle restoration and camper-focused additions made both in 2017 and December 2018. The summary on the mechanical/functional side is that it’s rust-free with new panels installed as needed, updated electrics, a rebuilt 1,600 cc engine, new brakes, new suspension, and of course the sweet two-tone red/white exterior.

Gallery: 1978 Volkswagen Kombi Custom Motor Home

Photo Credits: Louis-Maxence Leclère

As for the vanlife aspect, plenty of recent work is done there as well. The post says the van is completely insulated with new electrical work and rocks a full kitchen, a new water pump for the sink, custom furniture, and new seats. There are no bathroom facilities on board, but it reportedly has a 10-gallon (40-liter) water capacity. Checking out the photos inside, it looks insanely comfortable and cozy – perfect for a weekend getaway.

With the seller located in Brazil, that obviously means the bus is there as well. Scrolling through the comments, that doesn’t appear to be a worry for many interested parties as there are questions about shipping it to all kinds of locations, and not just in the United States. The post is dated March 31 but it's still active, so there's still a chance to give this sweet ride a new home.

Source: Louis-Maxence Leclère via Facebook

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