Just yesterday we showed you how to be smart and transform your Toyota Sienna van into a functional motorhome. Today, we want to present to you a similar transformation for an older vehicle, namely a Volkswagen Bus from 1967.

The split window Bus has been fully restored and modified by a company called Zenbox Design. It’s a small Portland-based design studio that actually works on custom home design and small spaces. The firm tries to achieve a balance between “classic design principals” and “a modern industrial aesthetic,” and its work is aimed at those who “appreciate craftsmanship and elegant simplicity.”

Gallery: 1967 VW Bus camper by Zenbox Design

This description tells us exactly what to expect from the small camper. As you can see from the gallery attached above, it’s an old-school cozy motorhome inspired by the original Westfalia campers. The team has added additional storage space and even a sectional sofa for entertaining. And a happy doggo.

“This VW Bus was in sad shape before we gutted the interior, repaired a little rust and general aging, and installed a custom camper suitable for extended trips,” Zenbox’ description of the bus says. “Our goal was to design a camper that would outperform even the exceptional designs of the original Westfalia campers, with more storage space and even a ‘sectional’ sofa for entertaining. After testing the camper for two years on the Pan-American highway we can attest to both its comfort and livability.”

Indeed, the custom designed interior fits the cabin perfectly and can accommodate two people. We don’t have details about the overall condition of the camper and what’s under the hood, but everything seems to be stock and in good shape. Unfortunately, there’s no word on Zenbox willing to sell the vehicle. Still, if you need some inspiration for your custom camper project, look no further and check out the gallery above.

Source: Zenbox Design

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