If you're a fan of tiny travel trailers, particularly of the teardrop variety, you've heard of nüCamp before. The Ohio-based manufacturer has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality RV trailers in the business. Its Tag and Tab teardrop models have cult followings, and it recently launched a line of truck campers called Cirrus. In 2018, however, nüCamp showed a much larger prototype trailer called the Avia that promised to push the maker into a larger, much more competitive segment. 

The Avia prototype toured the RV show circuit around the U.S., but nüCamp remained tight-lipped with details about the production model. That is, until last week's RVX trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was there that nüCamp unveiled the ready-for-prime-time production Avia and finally revealed its more important specs and pricing.

The video above includes an official walk-through tour of the production Avia, showing its segment-pushing features like the huge expanse of glass windows in the front lounge section, the innovative bathroom area that slides out of the way when not in use, and the folding bed that turns into a perfect lounge for watching TV. 

At the end of the clip, we get the details we've been waiting for: the Avia will come with two, 30-pound propane tanks, a 43-gallon fresh water tank, 41-gallon grey tank, and 41-gallon black tank. Its dry weight measures 5,000 pounds (just low enough for some V6-powered SUVs to handle) and its tongue weight is 660 pounds. The overall length stands at 28 feet, while the cabin length measures just 22 feet. And lastly, the Avia will cost around $60,000 when it goes on sale in May 2019. 

While certainly more expensive than the majority of sub-30-foot trailers you can buy, the Avia's build quality, high-end materials, and innovative solutions make the price seem reasonable to us. Consider that a similarly sized Airstream costs over $80K or the new SylvanSport Vast trailer costs $50K, and the Avia's price looks just right in comparison.

Source: Mandy Lea Photo via YouTube

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