Camper vans and motorhomes are enjoying a huge resurgence right now. Mixed in among these dedicated RVs is a fairly new segment featuring dual-purpose machines, not unlike the conversion vans that were prevalent throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Whereas those older vans were mostly velour-clad sofas with televisions in the roof, the current generation delves much further into the camping realm while maintaining everyday functionality. The ModVans CV1 is a prime example of that, and it caught our eye at the recent RVX camper expo in Utah.


As you can see, the CV1 is built from your run-of-the-mill Ford Transit cargo can. Modular components are then installed to give weekend adventurers the basics for a couple days of off-grid living, including a stove, sink, refrigerator, and yes, a toilet. It’s outfitted with a shore power outlet so it can plug in at campgrounds with electricity available, and a slick electrical system with marine-grade components keep the lights running. A 2,000-watt solar charging system is also available.

The CV1’s party trick is an electrically-operated top that raises to provide additional headroom inside as well as space for two adults to sleep in the “upstairs” bunk. Below that, the kitchen area converts to another bed large enough for two more adults to sleep, and the changes don’t affect the toilet area. As for occupants, the passenger seat swivels backward and the van’s second-row seating can also swivel to the wall, creating a cozy dining area. A roof-mounted air conditioner keeps things cool, and extra storage is available on the roof rack as well.

Gallery: ModVans CV1

When not being used for excursions into the wild, the lowered roof and forward-facing rear seats allow the CV1 to basically be a normal five-passenger van with some cargo space in back. Remove the seats and modular components – something ModVans says is easy to do – and the CV1 is a full-on cargo-carrying machine. Yes, the accommodations aren’t as swanky as some dedicated RVs, but we’re hard-pressed to find fault given the sheer versatility of this van.

According to ModVans website, the company is offering the CV1 in base trim for $77,000 as a special introductory price. That may sound pricey, but it still falls below many dedicated RVs of similar size and those aren’t necessarily as capable of performing everyday duties. The formula must be working, because right now ModVans has a ten-month lead time from order to delivery.


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