It was only about two months ago when someone put up for sale a complete interior belonging to a Bugatti Veyron and now we’ve stumbled upon another eBay listing related to the W16 hypercar from Molsheim. This time around, it’s a complete wheel and tire set you can have for a cool $100,000, which might sound ridiculously expensive, but let’s remember a fuel tank replacement is $42,000 and the quad turbos will set you back $21,800.

Getting back to the listing, the seller mentions these are entirely authentic OZ Racing wheels developed for the Bugatti Veyron and come wrapped in factory-spec Michelin tires that still have 85 percent of tread left. The wheels have never been refurbished and appear to be in great condition, at least visually. The listing goes on to mention a full wheel + tire set costs $150,000, which if true, it means prices have gone up in recent years.

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Back in 2013, Michelin wanted $42,000 for a set of Veyron tires as per a Motor Trend article, with each tire taking about an hour to make. As for the rims, these were available for $69,000, so doing the math, the hypercar’s shoes retailed for a hefty $111,000. Bear in mind the French tire manufacturer says only two sets of tires can be used before the wheels need to be replaced in order to guarantee the bead seal’s integrity when driving the Veyron at high speeds.

Not that many Veyron owners have this first-world problem, but the tires only last for 15 minutes when the Chiron’s predecessor is driven at full tilt. As a matter of fact, you’d run out of gasoline long before, with the 8.0-cylinder quad turbo powerhouse depleting the fuel tank in just eight minutes.

The seller has a solid reputation on eBay, but shipping is restricted to the United States. The item is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Source: eBay

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