The Benz brand placed 12th overall behind such big marques as Coca-Cola, Google and Apple.

Mercedes-Benz has taken the top spot amongst premium automotive marques in the 'Best Global Brands 2011' ranking.

The brand ranking is conducted each year by consutancy Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux. The ranking measure the value of a brand has in terms of its appeal and resonance with consumers.

In the overall ranks of the top 100 brands, Mercedes-Benz placed at number 12. Coca-Cola was number one. The only other automaker to top Mercedes-Benz was Toyota occupying the 11th spot. Mercedes's main competitors, BMW and Audi, placed 15th and 59th, respectively.

Interbrand has put the Mercedes-Benz brand value at $27.455 million (€20.55 million). That's not the valuation of the company, but just what Interbrand rates as the value quotient of the brand.