Almost two years after the first spy photos of the next-generation Land Rover Range Rover Evoque emerged, the premium SUV from Britain has finally debuted. And, yes – it does look like the Velar’s baby brother, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

Don’t let the aggressive looks fool you – the new Evoque is not bigger than the model it replaces and features almost identical footprint. However, thanks to Land Rover’s new mixed-metal Premium Transverse Architecture, it provides more room for the passengers, especially at the back. The cargo space is some six percent larger at 21.54 cubic-feet (610 liters) growing up to 50.5 cu-ft (1,430 liters) with the rear seats folded.

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The interior also gives us strong Velar vibes with the dual-screen layout of the center console, which is optional. There's now also a fully-digital instrument cluster, as well as 16-way seat controls and cabin air ionization. Land Rover will offer customers a number of material combinations which will create "a calm and serene space, ensuring the comfort of its occupants."

The body of the British SUV is 13 percent stiffer than its predecessor, and noise and vibration levels have been significantly reduced. Up to 72.8 pounds (33 kilograms) of natural and recycled materials have been used in the construction of each new Evoque to reduce its environmental impact.

Speaking of the new platform, it also supports electrification and Land Rover is proud to introduce its first-ever mild-hybrid and the first electrified Evoque in history. It boasts a four-cylinder, 48-volt, 296-horsepower (221-kilowatt) mild-hybrid system that captures energy normally lost during deceleration and stores it in an underfloor battery pack.

The ICE shuts off at speeds below 11 miles per hour (17 kilometers per hour) when the driver applies the brakes. When it’s time for acceleration again, the stored energy is redeployed to assist the engine. Land Rover explains this powertrain, which works with a nine-speed ZF automatic, is quieter and more refined than a standard ICE. Needless to say, it's also more efficient, but we don't have the numbers to support that at the moment.

At launch, Land Rover will also offer a traditional 246-hp (183-kW) turbo-four gasoline engine with more units to be introduced later. At the moment, there’s no mention of a manual gearbox.

2020 Range Rover Evoque
2020 Range Rover Evoque
2020 Range Rover Evoque

All new Evoques will come as standard with an all-wheel drive and the company’s Terrain Response system. It offers six drive modes, General, Eco, Sand, Grass-Gravel-Snow, Mud-Ruts, and Auto, with the latter enabling the vehicle to automatically select the most appropriate mode for the road conditions and adjust the suspension and electronic systems. The ground clearance of the compact premium SUV is 8.3 inches (212 millimeters) with approach and departure angles of up to 25 and 30.6 degrees respectively.

The new Evoque is also premiering the production version of Land Rover’s ClearSight Ground View system. It uses cameras in the radiator grille and side mirrors to project what is ahead of and underneath the front of the vehicle to the infotainment system's display. The cameras are covered with a hydrophobic coating that repels water and mud.

2020 Range Rover Evoque
2020 Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover promises to reveal more technical details about the U.S-spec models during the 2019 Chicago Auto Show in February 2019, when additional pricing and delivery information will also be disclosed.

Check out the press release section below for more details.

Source: Land Rover

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The vehicle’s dramatic proportions are amplified by its pronounced shoulders and wheelarches that,
alongside the optional 21-inch wheels, combine to create a strong and dynamic profile.
The introduction of new slim LED head- and tail-lights emphasize the vehicle’s new design language while
flush door handles add to the smooth, sculpted aesthetic. Optional R-Dynamic details and burnished copper
accents add to the vehicle’s unique appeal.

Inside, the finely crafted design integrates uncluttered surfaces and simple lines with carefully curated
premium materials to create a luxurious, minimalist, digital cabin. Offered as premium alternatives to leather,
technical textiles such as Kvadrat wool blend and Dinamica® suedecloth, as well as a Eucalyptus Textile and
Ultrafabrics™ use recycled plastics and natural materials. The cabin is designed to be a calm and serene
space, ensuring the comfort of its occupants, with technologies such as the optional twin touchscreen
InControl Touch Pro Duo™ infotainment system, featuring new, faster software, 16-way seat controls, and
cabin air ionization that complement the increased interior space.

“When the Range Rover Evoque made its debut back in 2010, it transformed the world of compact SUVs; the
new model is set to continue that remarkable journey,” said, Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design
Officer. “This characterful vehicle combines refinement and fun to create that all important emotional reaction
that will turn heads and make people smile.”

The footprint of the new model is almost identical to that of the previous model, yet there is more interior
space than before thanks to the Land Rover brand’s new mixed-metal Premium Transverse Architecture. A
longer wheelbase yields 0.8-in (21mm) of extra rear knee room and an increase in small item storage such as
a larger glove box and center console. The luggage space is 6 percent larger (21.54 cu-ft) than that of the
previous model as well as much wider, with space increasing to 50.5 cu-ft when the flexible 40:20:40 secondrow
seats are folded.

The new architecture has been developed to support electrification, with a 48-volt mild-hybrid powertrain
available at launch, alongside a traditional four-cylinder gasoline engine. The mild-hybrid powertrain is a first
for the Land Rover brand and works by harvesting energy normally lost during deceleration thanks to the
engine-mounted belt-integrated starter generator, storing it in the under-floor battery. At speeds below 11mph
(17km/h), the engine is designed to shut off while the driver applies the brakes. When pulling away, the stored
energy is redeployed to assist the engine under acceleration.

The new Range Rover Evoque features All-Wheel Drive and Driveline Disconnect as standard. Combined
with the available second-generation Active Driveline (standard on P300 models) and the optional Adaptive
Dynamics feature, the Range Rover Evoque is designed to deliver the optimum balance of comfort and
agility. For more adverse conditions, the standard Terrain Response system is designed to automatically
detect the surface being driven on, adjusting the vehicle’s driving character accordingly. The new Range
Rover Evoque can also now wade through water up to 23.6-in (600mm) (previously 19.7-in/500mm).

The famed Range Rover command driving position also received an upgrade with a ‘ClearSight Rear View
Mirror’ that transforms into an HD video screen when engaged. If rear visibility is compromised by passengers
or bulky items, the driver can flip a switch on the underside of the mirror and a camera feed from the top of
the car displays what is behind the vehicle in crisp high definition. The screen provides a 50-degree field of
vision and superior visibility in low light.

The new Range Rover Evoque is also the first vehicle to feature ‘ClearSight Ground View’ technology, which
is designed to allow the driver to virtually see through the hood and under the front end of the vehicle by
projecting a 180-degree view of the ground onto the vehicle’s upper touchscreen. This is useful when
negotiating difficult parking spaces, navigating high city curbs or tackling rough terrain and is the realization of
the ‘Transparent Bonnet’ technology previewed by the Land Rover brand in 2014.

The new Range Rover Evoque is also the first Land Rover model to feature Smart Settings, a system which
uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the driver’s preferences in order to automate comfort and media
settings throughout the drive. In addition to seat position, music and climate settings, the Smart Settings
system in the Range Rover Evoque can also preselect steering column preferences to maximize comfort.

Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to the UK car industry; the development of the all-new Range Rover
Evoque was facilitated by a £1 billion investment to support its creation and delivery. This includes £110
million into the company’s UK manufacturing plant in Halewood, Merseyside, to develop its state-of-the-art
flexible manufacturing facility.

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