One day in the future, when gas prices are high and aging millennials realize a seven-seat SUV for two is excessive, the midsized sedan will return. It’ll be a time of common sense, and people will flock back to the four-door sedan. Relics and nameplates left in the dustbin of automotive history will return to glory. There will be no more high-riding, plastic-clad hatches and higher prices for taller suspensions. Wagon-like crossovers will return to just being wagons. Ford could bring back the Fusion while Chrysler returns to making small cars again. One returning icon could be the Mitsubishi Galant, which is seen here in this gorgeous, though unlikely rendering.  

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It looks sharp, taking the automakers current design language and molding it to fit on a smaller package. The roofline carries a coupe-like shape, cascading down to a short trunk lid. The front is aggressive, updating the company’s bold front end with a massive grille and thin-slit headlights. Along the side, design lines draw the eye to the haunches over the rear tires and the uptick in the rear windows. At the back, design lines around the taillights and trunk mimic the design of the front end, with chrome outlining the rear lighting units. Tucked at the bottom of the rear bumper are chromed and square dual exhaust tips.  

2020 Mitsubishi Galant Renering
2020 Mitsubishi Galant Renering
2020 Mitsubishi Galant Renering

The rendering is both hopeful and a sad reminder. Sedans are sensible and stylish, but that’s not enough to sell to a populace eager for a crossover. In a world where generic crossovers fill parking lots, sedans somehow wear unique designs that help them stand out from a crowded field. Yes, the Galant rendering does look a bit like a Volvo S90 from the side if you squint, but the aggressive face and rear give it personality – and that’s something we can all appreciate. 

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