There are three things in the world that you shouldn’t talk about unless you want to start a fight: religion, politics, and Ford Mustangs being anything other than two-door Pony Cars. We don’t think this Raptor Mustang will start a fight, however. That is, except perhaps within the hearts and minds of full-blown Mustang enthusiasts who want to hate this but succumb to the fact that it's freaking awesome.

The rendering comes from our old friend X-Tomi Design on Facebook, and frankly, we can’t believe someone didn’t think of this already. We’ve seen plenty of real-life off-road Mustang creations, most notably at backwoods mud-bog meets featuring rotted Fox Body 5.0s haphazardly bolted to a Ford Bronco frame. Actually, we've never seen that in person. We've only seen such things in Craigslist ads while searching for new BMW project cars, because we’d never get rowdy at a rural Saturday night sippy hole party. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Enjoy more Mustang tomfoolery:

This render depicts something far greater than a sketchy weekend project. The Raptor-esque grille looks flat-out cool on the front of a new Mustang, and is it sacrilege to say we like that bumper better than the Mustang actual lower fascia? Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be four-wheel drive – the suspension lift with knobby tires and skid plates would be epic fun in a rear-wheel drive, 460-horsepower (343-kilowatt) Mustang GT. We can see ourselves now, blasting down a two-track logging road, catching a bit of air over small crests. Better yet, how about launching over sand dunes? Can you say Mustang Baja? It’s okay, say it with us. Mustang Baja. Seriously, would you rather have this, or a four-door Mustang crossover?

Ford Mustang Raptor Render
Ford Mustang SUV Render

People got real touchy when Ford said it was planning aMustang-based four-door SUV earlier this year, and backlash for reviving the Mach 1 as an electric crossover was so bad that the company had to make an abrupt about-face on that decision. But there’s something about this Raptor-Mustang merger that feels strangely right.

How about it Ford? If you want to take the Mustang in a different direction, this off-road Raptor pony could be your ticket to profit paradise.

Source: X-Tomi Design via Facebook

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