Here’s a very interesting bit of news to carry you into the weekend. The folks over at SupercarsNews just posted this video to YouTube of something very much shaped like a LaFerrari turning some quick laps at Fiorano. That by itself isn’t any big deal, but this car clearly doesn’t look like a typical LaFerrari. It does, however, look like the ultra-hardcore FXX K Evo, but that car debuted almost a year ago. Why is this version wearing what appears to be some kind of camouflage?

Refresh your memory on the FXX K Evo:

The theory proposed by SupercarsNews suggests this could be a test car for – wait for it – a new LMP racer from Ferrari. Yes, we’ve seen plenty of Ferraris at LeMans in the GT categories, but there hasn’t been a factory-backed Ferrari prototype at the famous track in over 40 years. In fact, the last time a Ferrari took an overall LeMans victory was 1965, and even then it wasn't the official factory entry. The Ford GT40 entered the scene in 1966 and we all know what happened after that. In 1973 Enzo Ferrari pulled out of the genre completely, choosing instead to focus on Formula 1.

LaFerrari LeMans Prototype
LaFerrari LeMans Prototype

That’s why this sketchy video is so interesting. The quality is poor, and it actually looks like it could be a video of a video. There’s no sound to speak of, but we can salvage a couple decent screenshots to try and suss out what’s happening here. The photos above definitely show a car wearing the aero bits from the FXX K Evo, but it’s hard to tell if there are any other changes front or rear. It could also be packing new racing bits under an Evo shell, testing the breaking point of components in preparation for endurance racing.

At the end of the day, we simply don’t know. We do know this is a very strange Ferrari that looks quite fast, and the 87th running of the famous 24-hour endurance race is nine months away.

Source: SupercarsNews via YouTube

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