Fun fact: Only less than 10 Hartge H50s were produced worldwide.

When it comes to German tuners, particularly those who are adept with BMW cars, names like AC Schnitzer or Hamman would be the first in the list. However, there’s one German tuner that’s basically underrated, and it goes by the name Hartge.

Hartge has been tuning BMWs since the 1970s and they have been making bonkers setups, especially in the 1990s and 2000s, specializing in crazy engine swaps. Case in point: this BMW Hartge H50 V10 – a 3 Series sedan that’s been fitted with a 5.0-liter M5 engine. Yes, a 3 Series with an M5 engine. Just had to repeat that to emphasize that it wasn't a typo.

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The BMW Hartge H50 V10, as we’ve mentioned twice, is equipped with a 550-hp S85 V10 engine from the M5, enabling it to go from standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds. Just why the company used an M5 engine instead of the M3’s V8? Because they can.

Moreover, all associated parts with the M5 power plant are included, such as the radiator,, exhaust headers, and sport catalytic converters. Hartge also gave the engine a bespoke mapping to remove the top speed limiter. Additional parts include a seven-speed SMG transmission, free flow mufflers, limited slip differential, coil over sport suspension (30mm lower), six-piston front + four-piston rear brake calipers with cross-drilled rotors, and staggered 20-inch wheels.

2006 BMW Hartge H50 V10
2006 BMW Hartge H50 V10

As you may have noticed, though, the car isn’t as striking as you may have imagined it to be. Well, it’s just a regular 3 Series sedan, with subtle upgrades like front spoiler, fenders, carbon fiber mirror caps, and rear wing. It even has halogen headlights, for crying out loud.

Nevertheless, the monstrous engine inside its hood is enough to keep your attention in this vehicle. Maybe Hartge focussed its efforts too much on trying to fit that humungous power plant inside the bonnet? I guess we’ll never know, but yeah, that engine swap is downright crazy.

Source: Enthusiast Auto Group

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