Is this available at Ikea?

If your zip code is known for its seven-figure homes, and six-car garages, what kind of art should you hang in your home? You could go with Paul Gauguin or, if you have the money, maybe something from Leonardo da Vinci. But those aren’t the sort of artists you hang on the wall. Those are paintings you tuck away in a vault to sell 30 years later for a profit – someone has to pay your children’s tuition, right? If you’re a car enthusiast, though, there’s plenty of possible art pieces to decorate your digs. Or, if you’re madly in love with one particular make or model, you can hang the entire car in your living room like Pablo Perez did with a Pagani Zonda Revolución.


Perez, known for his love of Pagani automobiles, decided to dress up his living room with a Pagani because that’s what you do when you have money and unconditional love for the automobile. It’s not clear if this is an actual Pagani mounted from the floor to the ceiling. Taking such a fantastic vehicle off the road to hang as art would border on blasphemy. lists this is a carbon fiber art piece – without any of the oily bits. But one comment on Perez’s Instagram points out this was once a functional car that had the powertrain and other parts removed.


Suspending the Pagani sideways gives the Zonda Revolución a cool aesthetic while also serving as a room divider. The mounts look sturdy, too, so if any unruly house guest gets a tad too wild, the Pagani should hold up fine. If you’re going to put a car in your house, you might as well make it functional. This beats a Hot Wheels collection just gathering dust – sort of.

Now, don’t go rushing out to put a 1955 Chevy Bel Air in your bathroom. Putting something like this in your house is nothing short of an endeavor – and it's also an expensive one. The last thing you want to do is upset your significant other. You don’t want to be that person with a 1985 Dodge Caravan waterbed now do you?

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