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Infiniti hasn't had a convertible in its lineup since the latest generation Q60 replaced the previous one. However, this rendering allows us to see what a droptop version of the company's coupe might look like. It could be an attractive addition to the range.

More About The Infiniti Q60:

This rendering simply strips the top of the existing coupe. For extra style, tiny nacelles appear to be behind the rear seats. Taking off the roof accentuates the Q60's bulging rear fenders, which makes the convertible look somewhat sporty without needing to make any other major design changes. Infiniti probably wouldn't have to do much engineering work to create to create this Q60 variant, either.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any chance for a droptop Q60 anytime soon. “Convertible volume is pretty small,” company exec Gerardo Carmona said in a 2016 interview. "We wanted to focus on making a big improvement to the car," referring to the launch of the Q60 at the time.

Infiniti wasn't so reticent about offering a convertible in the recent past. The G35, G37, and original Q60 (essentially a rebadged G37) offered droptop variants. However the interest in that segment has apparently vanished. Even the firm's Japanese competitors at Lexus have stopped offering an open-top model. The only remaining convertibles from Japan left in the U.S. market are the Nissan 370Z and Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Adding a Q60 convertible would boost the model's sales – at least slightly. Infiniti moved 10,751 of them in the United States last year. Through February 2018, the automaker has delivered 1,467 in the country – a 4.9-percent drop over the same period last year.

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