New spy shots suggest that Renault has a high-tech SUV on the way, but it appears still to be in very early stages of development. The test mule in these photos uses a Kadjar as the starting point, but the engineers graft on a wider track. Underneath, the pictures show that the vehicle has four-wheel steering, too. The company also re-routes the exhaust to exit ahead of the driver's side rear wheel, according to our spies. The ride height looks quite a bit taller, too.

Kadjar facelift spied for the first time:

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Whatever Renault is evaluating here seems to be a far more hardcore Kadjar that anything that's available today. One possibility is that this could be the rumored Kadjar RS. It would reportedly feature a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, limited-slip differential, and a turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder with around 266 bhp (198 kW).

As further evidence, Renaultsport boss Patrice Ratti admitted last year that an RS-branded SUV was at least a possibility, but he didn't say one was on the way. According to the performance division's leader, the company would put a focus on making sure the sporty crossover has the handling and suspension to live up to the firm's RS badge. 

More Sporty Renault SUV News:

Conceivably, Renault could have an new model under development here, but the chances seem less likely. The company already has quite a large model range available in Europe, and there probably isn't the space for a dedicated rugged SUV like this one in the lineup. A Kadjar variant seems more plausible at this point.

Since the model under evaluation here is a mystery, there's no way to know when it could launch. A new version of the Kadjar could be ready relatively quickly. However, a completely separate model would require significantly more time, especially given the barebones appearance in these photos.

Source: CarPix

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